Thursday 13 November 2014

Flora and Fauna ~ many to the verge of extinction !

At the verge of extinction !

The mushrooming of suburbs and the growth of the urban high rises, has led the flora and fauna to the verge of extinction. Approximately 54% of the world's population live in urban areas. The demand for a dainty and sophisticated lifestyle has made men to compromise on the natural beauty of nature. Trees and shrubs are cut relentlessly everywhere to pave the way for mansions and buildings. In a need for more space and design men has resorted to destroying nature completely.

The flora and fauna are the main suppliers of oxygen to men. But now this has reduced to the minimum and there is confusion and chaos everywhere. Cities are getting polluted with time and men suffer from different ailments which is increasing the rate of mortality. Nature has been whisked down to a minimalistic look by mankind. As time is passing on, the greenery of the world is decreasing day by day. Various flora and fauna have lost their identity. These flora and fauna which have adorned Mother Nature in great beauty are now lost in debris.

Deforestation is rampant everywhere and it has led to the growth of global warming. Time is very near when the whole world will be reduced to a sorrow reminder of a beautiful place which once lived. To curb this threat it is the responsibility of every citizen to plant saplings however and whenever they can. These saplings will eventually grow into trees and shelter us from many calamities. Flowers should also be planted. Only when men and nature live in harmony can a smooth world be formed- a beautiful, happy world.

Composed by: Asmita S. B.
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Thursday 23 October 2014

The tale of a Wonderful Community (Parsi) !

The Parsis are members of one of the two Zorastrian communities found throughout the areas of South Asia. The Parsis are ethnically distinct from the Iranis even though both the communities are descendants of Persian Zorastrians who in turn are decendants of greater Iran. The word 'Parsi' in the Persian language means 'Persian'. However the term 'Parsi' in the Sanskrit language means 'one who gives alms'. They are a well defined community. But the exact date of their migration is not known. It is believed that the migration might have taken place somewhere in the 10th century.

Parsis at the very outset settled in Diu and soon moved to South Gujarat where they established themselves as a small agricultural community and remained there for around 800 years. The Parsis have a long presence in Gujarat and Sindh areas of India. They are chiefly residents of Bombay but there are a few minorities in Bangalore too. Parsi community is also found in a sizeable amount in Pune and Hyderabad, Kolkata and Chennai too. The density of Parsis are highest in Mumbai. Until as late as the 17th century, the word 'Parsi' was not attested in the Indian Zorastrian texts. This term is not essentially an indicator of their Persian or Iranian roots, but an indicator of their ethnic identity.
The Parsi community is very well educated. They have a very high literacy rate (97.9%)according to 2001 census which is the highest for any Indian community. This community has chiefly contributed towards the history and development of India though they are very small in number. 

The main components and elements of Zorastrianism and the Parsi community is the concept of purity, initiation,daily prayers,temple worships,marriage,funerals and general worship. Fire is considered to represent the presence of God and there are two different types of fire for the different temples. The first type of temple is Atash Behram-which is prepared for an entire year before it can be installed and than cared for to the highest possible degree. The second type of fire temple is Dar-i Mihr. In case of death, the bodies are taken to Towers of Silence.

The Parsis celebrate their New Year in August which is known as 'Navorz'. They also have their own traditional dress distinct for their community though in modern times,these are worn in traditional festivals and occasions. The Parsi male wear a long muslin shirt or sudra and girdle or kusti, loose cotton trousers and also sometimes an angrakha or loose coat without any belt over the shirt. A distinct turban is also worn. Shoes and boots are also worn. The Parsi women generally wear a saree.
This community is a miniscule part of India but their strong influence could not be overlooked. They are a well-knit community whose contributions towards India is significantly felt.

Composed by Asmita Sarmah. B.
Posted: 22/10/2014
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Thursday 16 October 2014

DAPUN (দাপোন) expression from "Debajit Saikia"

DAPUN (দাপোন) .....
this is a poem by Debajit Saikia.
He is a Senior Software Engineer, based in Bangalore. Writing is his Hobby, expression of his feelings in lucid words makes his poems vivid and worth reading. “Dapun” – an Assamese Poem….is the reflection of the same !
["DAPUN" --is an Assamese word, means "Mirror". ] 



নিজকে বিচাৰিচাইছো আজি থিয়হৈ দাপোনৰ কাষতে

ৰোমন্থন কৰিছো এবাৰ এৰি অহা অতীতৰ স্মৃতিকে

দাপোনেই আছিল এসময়ত মোৰ মৰমৰ একমাত্র সখা

পাতিছিলো প্রায়ে তাৰে লগত বহুতো গোপন কথা


দাপোনৰ লগত চিনাকি মোৰ বহু সময় আগতে

প্রেমৰ ৰঙীন অনুভুতি বোৰ মই বুজিব পৰা ক্ষণতে

আনন্দতে মই চিঙিছিলো তেতিয়া গোলাপৰ কুমলীয়া পাহি

তাকে চাই মাৰিছিলে কতবাৰ দাপোনে মিচিকীয়া হাঁহি


দাপোনৰ লগত বাক্যলাপত আজি হৈছে মোৰ বৰ কষ্ট

ময়লাৰে দাপোনখন নহয়যে এতিয়া অকনো স্পষ্ট

নিস্কলংকবিহীন দাপোনখন চাই কিয়যে মনত পৰানাই অল্প

সৰুতে শুনা জ্যোতিপ্ৰসাদৰ কবিতা অথবা বুঢ়ী আইৰ গল্প


দাপোনে ছটিয়াব খুজিছিল মৰমবোৰ, হৈ মোৰ জীৱনৰ লগৰী

মোৰ বাবে নাই হেনো আজি আকৌ তাৰ অলপো আজৰি

সাজিছিলো সপোনৰ বহুতো পজাঘৰ মই দাপোনৰ লগতে

কিন্তু জাহ যাব সকলোবোৰ এতিয়া দাপোনৰ গুপুত বুকুতে


দাপোনখন হেনো হৈপৰিছে এতিয়া বৰ ক্লান্ত

দিব নোৱাৰে আৰু সি মোক জীৱনৰ মন্ত্র

কিন্তু দাপোন অবিহনে কোনে মোৰ সপোনৰ ৰামধেনু ৰচিব

সেয়েহে ভাবিছো, এখন নতুন দাপোনকে আকৌ কিনিব লাগিব  !!!



POEM #002
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Tuesday 23 September 2014

Bygone Years, Poem#001

- a poem by Asmita Sarmah B.

I remember those days with teary eyes,
Those days when your fragrance lit up my life
I was just one among millions, when you entered my life.
Unknowingly, love swapped me away
And life became heavenly.
Days passed on, so did months and my love grew by leaps and bounds.
But I was unaware of destiny which had other plans..
You went away from my life without looking back.
Now when I delve back into the past I could understand why my eyes become moist again !!

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