Thursday, 13 November 2014

Flora and Fauna ~ many to the verge of extinction !

At the verge of extinction !

The mushrooming of suburbs and the growth of the urban high rises, has led the flora and fauna to the verge of extinction. Approximately 54% of the world's population live in urban areas. The demand for a dainty and sophisticated lifestyle has made men to compromise on the natural beauty of nature. Trees and shrubs are cut relentlessly everywhere to pave the way for mansions and buildings. In a need for more space and design men has resorted to destroying nature completely.

The flora and fauna are the main suppliers of oxygen to men. But now this has reduced to the minimum and there is confusion and chaos everywhere. Cities are getting polluted with time and men suffer from different ailments which is increasing the rate of mortality. Nature has been whisked down to a minimalistic look by mankind. As time is passing on, the greenery of the world is decreasing day by day. Various flora and fauna have lost their identity. These flora and fauna which have adorned Mother Nature in great beauty are now lost in debris.

Deforestation is rampant everywhere and it has led to the growth of global warming. Time is very near when the whole world will be reduced to a sorrow reminder of a beautiful place which once lived. To curb this threat it is the responsibility of every citizen to plant saplings however and whenever they can. These saplings will eventually grow into trees and shelter us from many calamities. Flowers should also be planted. Only when men and nature live in harmony can a smooth world be formed- a beautiful, happy world.

Composed by: Asmita S. B.
Copyright(C)HOBS, 14/11/2014.

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